Hey, I`m Dario, a tattoo artist at Skin City’s. I’m from Italy and I moved to London 7 years ago. I have always had a strong passion for art and all its aspects. After graduating with an Art & Animation degree I decided to put my passion and dedication for art in the Tattoo industry. Soon enough I developed I strong passion for Neo Traditional style, however I`m always excited to explore other styles and approaches, discuss any ideas in order to make each customer fully satisfied.


Hey, I’m Laura Savage. I’m shop manager at Skin Citys; I’ve been with the company since the beginning, including helping with the build-up of the shop. I manage the social networking side of things along with talking to customers and booking in appointments. I am currently perusing an apprenticeship here at the studio also. I’m a proud tattoo collector, and have a keen interest for the tattoo game!

Benjamin Morris

I’m Lord Benjamin Morris, moving to London from Miami Florida some years ago travelling around expanding my horizons. Working in numerous tattoo studios in sunny Florida I learned to tattoo and pierce until certified. With a hunger to learn new techniques I attended many conventions and seminars, striving to further my knowledge and skills.

One thing I observed moving to the UK was that the English folk love a nice tattoo. Making many friends along the way, I have been blessed with getting to do what I love. Even With 13 years’ experience I still believe you’re only as good as your last tattoo. Being a people pleaser I enjoy making customer’s ideas come to life on the skin. I’m lucky to be part of the awesome world of body art. I look forward to every job that comes my way and always have time for new customers. Stop by Skin City’s for any tattoo and piercing needs. I’m here to help…

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