Hey, I`m Dario, a tattoo artist at Skin City’s. I’m from Italy and I moved to London 7 years ago. I have always had a strong passion for art and all its aspects. After graduating with an Art & Animation degree I decided to put my passion and dedication for art in the Tattoo industry. Soon enough I developed I strong passion for Neo Traditional style, however I`m always excited to explore other styles and approaches, discuss any ideas in order to make each customer fully satisfied.


Hey, I’m Alicia, the apprentice at Skin City’s. I have had a love for tattooing ever since I can remember and I am so excited to be learning the trade surrounded by such lovely, talented artists. I have a passion for new school traditional and dot work. I love drawing and anything creative and I focused on studying these subjects throughout my education at school and college.

Jodie Manning

plant growing from soil